First Time Visitor?

You'll be warmly greeted.  We want you to feel like you've come home!

What You Can Expect


The greeter will give you a liturgically based Rite II Order of Service from the Book of Common Prayereasterq bulletin that you can follow along.


Our church has chairs with kneelers, although most people either stand or sit to pray instead of kneel.  You may sit where you like.  There are no reserved seats!


Younger children have a reserved sacred space in the front of the church where they can quietly play and do activities. We welcome our children, even when there is joyful noise.  We have found they are respectful during the service, while being a part of the service.  They learn the liturgy, prayers and hymns of the church.  They are encouraged to carry the cross, light candles and acolyte. They also can choose to sit with their families.


Grades 6+ join a teacher for more formal instruction during the service, if they so choose.


A processional hymn will be sung to open the service.  


The Celebrant will announce the hymns and Order of Service.  Everyone, who wishes to receive communion, including children, is welcome at the Lord's table.  If you or a child just wish a blessing, please proceed to the front of the church - starting from the back left and simply cross your arms across your chest.  We do share a common cup, but you may dip the bread into the wine or only take the bread. You may skip the communion by simply remaining in your seat.  No one will judge - just know that you are welcome.


We are quite friendly sharing the Peace, making sure that everyone receives it, so don't be surprised when you are greeted by all.  


Please plan to stay for coffee and fellowship after the service.


After our Saturday night service (the second Saturday of the month at 5:00), we often go out to a local restaurant for dinner, or we have a community get together - sometimes family game night and/or potluck or pizza ordered in.


If you are early to the service, you can generally find us in the church hall socializing then too.  Join us!



© 2023 Good Shepherd Episcopal
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